Forever A New Day – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

With every whisper, I hear your voice for the first time
Here’s to the nights when we were so alive
A toast to the stars and sky

A dance in the moonlight; a buzz to take the care away
Every lullaby a reminder how I will miss you in my sleep, but not alone as my conscious wishes you to me

Awakening to your kiss in every dream
In your mind’s eye, we can see the world
Our hearts will guide us on this magic carpet ride through the clouds

It feels so real, your body close to mine
The world so far away
The air fresh and free

My princess, angel, femme fatale
A vision

A morning rain pounds against the bay window
My eyes open to the gift of sunlight
Dream and reality hand in hand

Bodies clenched
Hands wrapped tightly around your soft skin; pressed to your hips
The smell of your hair
Aroma of love

Warmth of the sunlight and the heat of your body
Hot springs of passion
Looking in your eyes, we see our souls as one
A reflection of me looking at you
Laughing at the world just through those doors
Stay away from this reality

You are my dream; never to fleet
Never to pass

Forever a new day
Forever I fall in love for the first time

Good morning, she whispers
I smile

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