Walk With Me – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Walk with me by the Oceanside as I wrap my arms around your side
Stay with me, oh stay with me as the sun bows in the sky
Dance with me in the glow of the starlight and rescue me as I fall into your arms

Please believe, oh baby please believe, I dreamed you in my life
A fate you see, so blissfully entered this heart and it feels so right

Today I am born to this new world
A life I cannot hide
A day with you, a dream come true, I want you by my side

A partner for eternity, to laugh, to cry, to be
A friend til the end, I trust you now
A harbor safe and free

You are to me the sweetest eternity
A day, a minute, now
Perfection rests in that sparkle in your eye
A soulful glance, a second chance and now I see the light

The sun will rise a new world begun
Red letter days ahead
With you and me, I can only see a happiness all around

Walk with me, baby walk with me
I feel your love surround
Stay with me and soon we will be the luckiest souls around

Only you and me, cause we belong


A Curious Life – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I want to remember this moment just as it is
A perfect picture of time

It’s funny how the special things in life never last
Maybe they do in this curious life

The picture albums stored in our head
The postcards with words we almost said
A vision of a time when we were so carefree
Birds in the wild flying out to sea

A curious life filled with minutes and seconds
Pressed between the books dried and preserved

In pictures and film and stories we tell
A legacy we will leave for the next generation to tell

There won’t be snow in Africa
Nor rain inside this desert
Children will pray for food while we hope for the sun to shine on our beaches
Guns kill the innocent
Greed destroys the ideals of the generous

In this curious life

Flipped upside down with terror on top
A world of mayhem led by the devil’s own
Jester and joker so wild and free
No sign of superhero to save you and me

In this curious life

We feed our mind, body and spirit with the loins of the Earth
Energy exchanged
A soul to search
A time to hope, a time to pray
Spinning out of control, a world in dismay

Here I stand, a moment so pure
Holding on tight, so secure

In this curious life

This is our time, this is our place – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Surrounded by the ones you love
Never stop dreaming
Never stop changing
Never stop embracing
Don’t stop
You can’t stop
We must not give up

It’s our party here on Earth
A toast to you
A toast to us
A celebration to last for all time
A declaration to hand down in time

It’s about you
It’s about me
I want to make a family
To hold you close, hold you tight, never let go, not too tight

This is our time
A place in the sun
Energy so strong, a future so bright
I want to be with you until the dawning of light

This is our place, here and now
A place to call home
A place to be free
A sprinkle of stars, a glimmer of light, a shower so refreshing, a snow of powder white

I love you is all I need to feel alive and let me be
A perfect storm so calm at ease
A simple kiss under these trees

Think about me, I think about you
The one I know to be this true
You are everything
Simple and pure
The special one meant for me

This is our time
This is our place
Never stop dreaming
Always embrace