Rest in Peace Sweet Bearded Angel – In Memory of Michael Miller – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

Rest in peace sweet bearded angel

You gave love with your kind words
Laughter with your undeniable zest for life
Friendship with an extended arm to the world

The Lord’s hand will guide you to rest in your eternal home

With outstretched arms, you welcomed us
A light-footed wizard on the dance floor
An orator of the times
Documentarian of friendship

A gentle soul
A guiding light
A beacon of wisdom
Never without a smile

With unconditional acceptance, you wove a blanket to cover our fears, shield our worries and warm our spirits

Words cannot illuminate the magnitude of your impact; yet you graced us with your stories
A blessing send from above
Faith by your side
A path of kindness as your shepherd

With your smile, you shined
A man, husband, father, friend, an inspiration

You leave a legacy of a lifetime of delicate humanity so few will ever match

Decency without judgement
Humble grace
A servant to goodness wrought with affection

Your charity fed our hearts
Your decency gave us hope

The world is a better place now
For this, we will never forget

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I Will Wait For You – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

Tear my flesh
Take my sight from their tired eyes
Cut me with your lines
Tear my dreams with the blade of failure
A hopeless devotion to the ideals of a life of meaning
Feed me to the lions ripe for the taste of fresh blood

I will wait
I will still wait for you

For now, I just want to get some rest
To lay my head upon this Earth and find the strength to live again
In this silence, I find comfort

You said life would beat me down
Bring me to my knees
Drown in my own tears
You scarred me with your frozen stair
Weakened my faith

Still, I wait
Soon, the winds of change will blow you me
A tidal wave of love
A tsunami of immeasurable beauty

Soon, our souls will fly
Without wings, but a span of passion
Learning, sensing, soaring
At that instant, infinite bliss will reign its crown

For now
For now
I will wait
Wait for you

Concrete Jungle Princess – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Nine million strangers in the city of lights
Alone, she looks through the window at the insomnia that infects her surroundings

A princess lost from her fairy tale
Wrapped in childhood dreams
Visions of sugar and spice and all that wonderful nice

Dress torn from the thorns of life’s journey
Darkness and fog mystifying her way home

An innocence wrapped in a blanket warmed by the fire
A dreamer resting on the clouds looking down on a world of temptation

Close your eyes, my princess
Feel the wind comb your soft dark hair
Sense my touch on your fingers, my breath on your skin

Your strength bonds your passion
Leaping skyscrapers with the zest of wonder

A unicorn awaits with a message of love to take you down the sandy path to a world nestled in your dreams

Soon, a new reality will explode in a renaissance
A rebirth of joy

Princess, soon the concrete will break and you will be free
Free to laugh
To embrace
To trust

A world of rainbows and sparkles will color your soul

In this concrete jungle, you will no longer be alone
No longer be scared

A light will shine through and this princess will live happily ever after

Love is Everything – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Love is everything
Without it, we are invisible

Invisible to the sound of a morning rain
Invisible to the smile of a rose blossoming in Spain
Invisible to the sight of long slow kiss
In this life, there is so much we can miss

Love is enchanting like a warm summer breeze
A tingle, a wink, a sigh, a touch of a cool spring day

It is the reason we rise
The struggle to survive
The euphoria of time
The essence of rhyme

Love breathes
It protects
A blanket so safe

A song
A whisper
A kind eye

With the simplicity of words
Words spoken in the air
Linger, journey, invite you near

Take hold
Take flight
Find meaning
Stop thinking; just be
A disease infecting my very soul

Love is everything
Meant to be lost
To be found

Hold for a second
A risk
Take a picture
Keep it for all time
It will last forever
With the winds of change, I will be reminded of the smile that has stopped in time

With the strength of a thousand “I Love Yous”
I feel so alive now
So alive with you

You are the escape I have dreamed about
An imaginary world come true

With you, love is everything


Immortality – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

Let this light shine down on me
The spotlight of immortality
A hero of this life I lead
A spectator in this world we heed

In the beginning, life we bore
In the end, our memories soar
In between this time for me
A minute, an hour, a lifetime to solidify this immortality

I woke today, a breath I took
Looked around, turned a page of this crazy book

A glimmer of sun
A sparkle of desire
Another breath, another fire

I see a future, I hold the past
I think of you and wonder why it didn’t last
I give a flower to smell the love
To touch and taste and fly above

Soon the petals, they will fall
The winds of gravity, I tiny black hole
Until they reach the ground, the final resting place for you and me

On this day, I will achieve a part of me vulnerable and free
To this world, I give to you an act so pure, so real, so true

A simple smile
A secret wink
A gesture so kind, it could not wait

I see pain, I look to heal
I see hunger, I provide a meal
I see the blood, apply a seal
This life, this purpose, all so real

The sun gives a gift of life
A powerful force, a simple task
Fill our space with no avail

Light the way for the butterfly to glide
Color the grass for the ballerina to glide
Open the waters for fish to swim
Let me run under this tree while you warm my skin

The path to immortality so clear
Open your eyes and I swear
You have touched me in such a way, I will remember you until my dying day

When the Walls Come Down (For Kyla) – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

When the walls come down and the smoke clears, you will have my heart
On the other side, I’ll wait with open arms

Fall into me
Let gravity take hold and the fear wash away

When the walls come down, I’ll be by your side

Dreaming away the pain

Together, under the moonlight on the empty streets of Paris, just you and I
A kiss under the stars
A poem on the Siene
A leap from the Tower

In your black lace dress, a vision of beauty
Hair as dark as the night
Eyes inviting the warmth of an eternal caress
That glow that lights the city of love

I’ll be waiting when your walls come down

A kindness you possess
Porcelain skin so timeless
A love you seek in a world cleverly haunted by misguided tendencies

In the sand, I write your name
Oh Kyla, dear Kyla
Until the warm ocean current ushers it to a journey of wonder with endless possibilities

In the sky, your name in the clouds
For all the world to see
An angel is bestowed and she shall be named Kyla

A new story to be told
A new path to be sought
A new bed to lay your weary body

Rest now.  Rest your eyes and dream away the nightmares
In my arms, you will be
Safe, together

When the wall come down
I’ll be there for you

Stranger in Flight – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Let me into your life stranger in flight
Thirty-five thousand feet and speechless
A life time I will share with you from take-off to landing
East bound plane drifting from this western sunset

Adventures we will have
Children we will raise
Discovery, we will find

Sexuality steams from your mystery
My dream girl without a name
A perfect match we will be
So much in common until we speak

I see you with every passing mile
Me, just a stranger across the aisle
No dream, no fantasy, no daydreaming of a life together

Your thoughts are of the life that awaits at final destination
A loved one at the gate

Husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, family
None include me, your future husband that will never be

For a moment, I felt an energy exchange
Perhaps you saw me
For a glimmer in time, I piqued your curiosities
Maybe a chance I could have

No, just my imagination on caffeine
It has been a long day, a long week, a long year
I feel you can energize me back to a time of youthful love

Two giddy children excited and afraid
The moment just before the first awkward kiss that would be our greatest memory

For two hours, I fell in love with you, my blond angel in the sky
My stranger in flight

The wheels have extended and the ground has found a permanent place for this flying machine

Walking away, you get further and further, out of my life

I wave in hopes of catching your attention, but in reality, I am only finding inner closure

Goodbye love
Goodbye my stranger in flight