Immortality – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

Let this light shine down on me
The spotlight of immortality
A hero of this life I lead
A spectator in this world we heed

In the beginning, life we bore
In the end, our memories soar
In between this time for me
A minute, an hour, a lifetime to solidify this immortality

I woke today, a breath I took
Looked around, turned a page of this crazy book

A glimmer of sun
A sparkle of desire
Another breath, another fire

I see a future, I hold the past
I think of you and wonder why it didn’t last
I give a flower to smell the love
To touch and taste and fly above

Soon the petals, they will fall
The winds of gravity, I tiny black hole
Until they reach the ground, the final resting place for you and me

On this day, I will achieve a part of me vulnerable and free
To this world, I give to you an act so pure, so real, so true

A simple smile
A secret wink
A gesture so kind, it could not wait

I see pain, I look to heal
I see hunger, I provide a meal
I see the blood, apply a seal
This life, this purpose, all so real

The sun gives a gift of life
A powerful force, a simple task
Fill our space with no avail

Light the way for the butterfly to glide
Color the grass for the ballerina to glide
Open the waters for fish to swim
Let me run under this tree while you warm my skin

The path to immortality so clear
Open your eyes and I swear
You have touched me in such a way, I will remember you until my dying day

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