Concrete Jungle Princess – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Nine million strangers in the city of lights
Alone, she looks through the window at the insomnia that infects her surroundings

A princess lost from her fairy tale
Wrapped in childhood dreams
Visions of sugar and spice and all that wonderful nice

Dress torn from the thorns of life’s journey
Darkness and fog mystifying her way home

An innocence wrapped in a blanket warmed by the fire
A dreamer resting on the clouds looking down on a world of temptation

Close your eyes, my princess
Feel the wind comb your soft dark hair
Sense my touch on your fingers, my breath on your skin

Your strength bonds your passion
Leaping skyscrapers with the zest of wonder

A unicorn awaits with a message of love to take you down the sandy path to a world nestled in your dreams

Soon, a new reality will explode in a renaissance
A rebirth of joy

Princess, soon the concrete will break and you will be free
Free to laugh
To embrace
To trust

A world of rainbows and sparkles will color your soul

In this concrete jungle, you will no longer be alone
No longer be scared

A light will shine through and this princess will live happily ever after

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