Recharge – Original


By Mark A. Leon

Stepping out of the shadows of our own darkness
A glimmer of light speckles the ground of jagged rocks and broken dreams with glitter
Two lives led without direction
A compass broken by gravity’s fire

Wasted by society’s cocktails
A glass of bubbly to numb the mediocrity
Bedding strangers nightly just to be touched; yet not felt
Clubs pierce our ears with mind blowing distractions avoiding a life we bore into without choice

A toast to you
A toast to me
A toast to us

Wake up now
A crossroads, masked as a fork, delivered as a message; blinded by the melting sun

A moment of thought
Let us ponder what is behind; what lies ahead; the uncertainty of now

The bar is dry
The bartender has vanished and all that remains is sage advice written on napkins soaking up the spilled dreams

Soon this moment of reflection will end
Do we go left or perhaps right
Straight ahead seems to make sense at least the text books taught us that

Were the teachers real?
The dream of family and love
Is good fortune wrapped around a dollar sign?
The questions, coming like lightning
Fire in the hole

Need silence, a meditative state
Need to recharge

Let us get lost in this impasse

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