A Ripple in Time – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Rock skips across the crystal-clear river stream
A ripple in time

Baby cries; a man lies under the moonlit night sky
A leaf falls; a winter breeze; a homeless man dies; a soldier falls to his knees
Time laughs, time teases
A simple man singing a song of reason

Today we dream
Tomorrow we die
A legacy of hope
Time goes by

Today, I met a man who turned to dust
I fell in love with a woman
Knew I must
Be true to one’s self; be fair to a tee
Tomorrow we look back in sorrow and glee

What does this all mean, this ripple in time?
A lesson for tomorrow or a burden in rhyme

A singer sings
A poet rhymes
The philosopher rests on laurels of the mind
To me, I’m you; To you, just be

In the end, it is all about she
Fragile as a flower caught in the storm
Fierce and free
Beautiful as the sun coming out to play
A tingle of warmth on a quiet Spring day
She is wonder vast as the sea
When the chapter is written, they will say, she completes me

To the mountains, we ride
It is truth we seek
Figs and leaves

Through the valleys, we hide
In the depth of mystique
Spice and vine

The prophet awaits with the wisdom we ache
The answer is written, this promise I make

She is pure; she forsakes; she is the power to take
Take one, take two, lest not we fail

In love, the truth lies on this boat we now sail
In the sunset, into the night
I will lie with you until the next guiding light


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