Queen of My Night – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Weeks have passed and I have shared many a lonely night
Strangers come and gone
Promises made in the wind
Nothing, but a glass to keep me warm
Bourbon for the pain
Whiskey for the might

I’ll never forgot those words; recited in the dimness of the candlelight

“As long as the clouds fly above these skies
Until the sun burns its last flame
I will be by your side
Wherever you will go; together we will be, under this vast sky letting the stars guide our path”

You are the queen of my night
A princess in a palace of two
Elegant as the wistful feather of a dove
Free as the ocean wave

Love letters in the sand
Washed away, but never faded from my memory

As the phoenix rises from the ashes, you are my savior
A pillar of light in a sea of darkness
My queen of the night

In fondness, I carry a piece of the heart I damaged so long ago as I walked away
It keeps beating to the sound of your faith and the lyrics of your promise song
Each beat a reminder of my impending return
A life complete
A new journey larger than the likes of you or I

I want you to love me again like you loved me before
Never let go of yesterday and embrace tomorrow
Forever in your kingdom
You are my Queen of my night

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