Weak and Wicked – Original Poem

Passionate couple foreplay black and white

By Mark A. Leon

It gets harder to breathe without your lifeline

A toast to the night
To our time together
To the sensual touch of your kiss
The lingering taste of your fruit

I lied when I met you
I promised the now, but yearned for eternity
I prayed for you, before our eyes ever met
I yearned for you, before I thrust into the domain of your soul

I dreamed about the forever story, but lived the now or never mind
A fairy tale thought, a realist outcome
A fool I am
An ignorant servant to the hand of the almighty
Weak and wicked

You are a symbol of grace; a classic reminder of the greatest gift bestowed upon this Earth
Mother Nature’s favorite child

With the curves of life’s highway
The soft skin of the nectar that feeds the romanticism of it all
The sensuality of penetration

Deep and slow
Breathe, control, balance

I woke this morning to the sound of pouring rain
I swore I heard your voice call my name
It was the ghost of a past I could not shake
It’s time to re-awake

Your body is my canvas
The colors of my life
The rich blues and warm greens and the red hot steamy nights

I need to breathe again
That I know
I need your touch
Inside you, I will show

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