Madness – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Sing me to sleep
Sent me to sleep
Close my eyes and the darkness guides my dreamlike journey

Hold me tonight
Turn down the light
I won’t be alone with you in my sight

This silence is so soothing; so familiar
I feel your heart next to mine
Like stones falling from the mountain
A free fall of structured beats

A murmur

Slow the mechanism
Breathe in the missing air suffocating from the inside out

This tightrope is thin, so high above the Earth
The clouds will protect me from gravity
Don’t look down
Fight off the future
It is a silly promise told through the eyes of a wrinkled golden calf
This circus act seems so meaningless now
Looking at all those empty seats, I see I am playing the violin with no strings

Silly puppet I am
Strings dangling off my shoulders
My master, nowhere to be seen, yet controlling my every move
Free will laughs uncontrollably
Fate is a puppet master with no plan
A game where we all face the same end
Do not pass go, not just yet.
Hold off a little longer
There is plenty of time once you make that final roll of the dice

Plenty of time
Nothing but time
Time is all existence of non-existence
Who am I to judge
The blameless are the guilty
Join me in this white box

Balance the insanity
Mute the profanity

Sing me to sleep
The voices are too loud now


Red – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Red as the rising sun
Red as the setting sky over a bed of ocean waves

With purpose, you propel through the sky in search of a deeper meaning hidden deep in the flower bed of sunflowers along the prairie of time

Hair a golden shade of red

Like love, the color bleeds with passion
Heart racing for the finish line
An endless circle heckled with speed bumps

A freckle you
A freckle for me
A warm summer breeze to cool this exhausting heat

Tortured by perfection
A disease that shows no symptoms

Tormented by the past
One more dance
One more word
One more hug
One more chance

A tragic comedy scripted for you
Cue the audience

Red as the deep rich paints of a thick artist canvas
Red smiling lips of a princess
Red like the laughter of a clown

Color blind, a wish for some
Vivid rainbow as only you can see

On a bed of roses, you lay
Red, but of course
A dream for the romantic inside
Showered in wine and chocolate

Waiting for no one
Empowered by your strength
A woman of wonder

A humble calling
A blessed life

Red rain falling now
Refreshing and safe
A sign?
A new beginning?
A shower of hope?

A cool reminder of a woman known to many as a force of healing
But one we call red

Hidden in the Valley – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

The beauty of the mind
Isolation of the snow
Cold silent flakes massage the air with sensuality

In the valley, I will hide
Alone under the stars; the city, a lifetime away

No lights to blind this ambition
No demons to torment the souls of broken dreams
Vaporized noise like a pure shot of nicotine

One eye blind
Two eye blind
Third eye, a clear vision

Insight rising to the crest of the moon
A falling star; a wish; a thought recited to an audience of one

In the valley, I will mate with the land
Shower her with love and rest on her belly

She is patience and so wise
She is gentle to the touch; firm to support

No hurry to begin the climb
It is not redemption I seek
No purpose; to end game
My value lies under the trees, tickled by the falling leaves

The cleanliness of the dirt as pure as the white satin of the clouds
A rescue from the contaminated concrete jungle

Smell her blossoming flowers
This is life’s blessing
A joy, a hymn, a choir of millions

The snow is layered its innocence all around
A white sparkle to shelter me in this valley
Here, I will hide

Danced Until the Night Turned Black – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

We danced until the evening turned black
Deep in the distance of your eyes, I can see my home

All these strange places, now so familiar
Under the moonlight, we will walk
By the beach lay; ocean tickling our toes

Oh, what a magical tale woven in this confusing ball of yarn called life
Memories of old about a time so young buried in a time capsule
Before you, I found salvation hidden deep in the dirt
Holding on
Just, holding on

Now the shovel is laid to rest
The future is flying above the clouds with you
It may be a dream we are leading with the wind in our hair, the freedom of space and time lifting us
Magic dust sprinkled across your chin
You are the angel in the Sistine Chapel with no roof to hold you back
The princess who burned the crown to live in the wild
Released of the bondage of leather, caressed by the softness of lace

Into the light, we will fly
Two snowflakes meeting on gravity’s flight
To the ground, we slip
Suspended for a moment; time stops
Eyes locked
Existence eternal
Set in motion
Slowly into a feather bed of your bosom

We danced until the evening turned to black
Is it time to leave?
It has only just begun