Lost in a Trance – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon


Suspend the mechanism
Listen to the heart beat

Pause, murmur

Clear the mind


Collect the thoughts in a jar
Store it for the next world to see
Bottled up, safe, secure, protected

Look at the memories

The first kiss locked in the song on the cassette tape on the floor of broken dreams
Virginity, a donation with no reward
First love, tragic, so tragic
Second, jaded
Third, waiting

Floating in that lockbox with the moonlight holding the key

That is a tricky little animal
She peeks out behind the tree
Around the corner, you try to catch her
In the closet, perhaps
Nope, gone for now
I’ll see her again soon

For now, lost in a trance
Lost in a song
Lost in the memory scripted so eloquently in my journal
The sky opened with each page and then clouds ensued and rain washed away the words as it lay again in the back of the closet

Let me be, watching the sap from the tree
Waiting for a little honey to comfort me.


It’ s Just One of Those Nights – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

You’re the reason my life has gone awry
All those nights at 3 AM with only a bottle to keep my dry
Speed dial in hand, another life I can’t stand
Putting it down, senses in hand.

It’s just one of those nights

The sun in my sky, the center of my dreams at night
Like a country song on under the city lights of New York
A bit of poetic tragedy wrapped in a lifetime of irony

It’s just one of those nights

One of the reminders of a life that slipped me by
A painful peace I am feeling inside
Faint music in the distance
The moon reflecting off this sullen face

The sound of cars to compliment the buzz
Running children lost without cause
A dog barking for love
A musician strumming the guitar
I might get by and I’m sure gonna give it a try

It’s just one of those nights

Thinking of the sand tickling my toes
One more dance just to be so close
A silly story over a cup of Joe
The smell of morning caffeine to sex up the day
Too many things to confuse this meditative state

It’s just one of those nights

Beneath the bed, a card with the words of a young girl making promises that both of us knew would never come true
The soft “T’s” and little hearts
What a feeling to be guided by the heart
I read it nightly, remember it fondly

It’s just one of those nights

Cheers to you and me
And the wonderful things we will be
To the strangers and the lovers and the endless sea
Let tonight be a blessing and a remedy

I raise my glass and just be free because it’s just one of those nights

In a Daydream – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

How do I turn these emotions into a melody that sings from the heart?
The memories take me back when Dolly and Kenny played on the radio
Islands in the stream, that is what we were

You, my Jersey girl living in my Jersey world down by the shore we lay

Another sunrise, another lazy day
Another shot of whiskey and a promise to never let go of today

Like the fireworks over the harbor, a Labor Day to pass
One last look back, we knew the day had to pass

In a daydream, we lie beneath the starry sky
Sand crystal hugging those thighs
I could not have been a more lucky guy
With you in my arms, the darkness found its light
Another night down by the shore and we knew it would be alright

Springsteen in the distance, James Taylor under the moonlight
Two silly college kids with no direction in life

It was then we knew, we found perfection
Two strangers running away to the promise of a better life
My Uptown Girl waiting on her knight on a chrome horse
Let’s ride off with the sunrise and drift back into the night
Never say goodbye
Never say goodbye
An anthem that would haunt us through and through

In a day dream, we were so safe
Lives put on hold around us, so we could plan our escape
A cabin by the sea; a boat out to bay; a glass of wine for you; a simple kiss for me

With your olive tone skin, blessed by the gift of the sun and soft silky curves leading the pirate to his treasure, I prayed Monday would never come

Now the winter chill washes the sand from this beach
The boardwalk lies empty with nothing more than shattered dreams
In the distance, I feel like the wind is calling your name

But for a moment, in this daydream, we thought it would never end.

Nemesis Staring in the Mirror – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I look in the mirror and see my nemesis
An enemy sleeping in my own bed
Mad Hatter laughing in the distance as he hops away to another game of chance

This body is aching in corruption
Nerve pain tingling throughout
Anguish stirring the next cocktail

You played the game a little too long
Stayed on the field when the rains set in
Dampened by a feeling of invincibility
Alone in the darkness
Teased by the momentary illumination of lightning

A natural in his day
Glowing radiance
Confident as the Man of Steel
With a smile, they fawned
A playful laugh, a gentle whisper is all it took

The slugger was up to the plate
The look, the wind up, the pitch
Home run
Just another home run
That is all it took
With a long thick stick aimed for the heavens, the King reigned on

Now the nemesis just looks at me
No emotion, but a stare of deep satisfaction
The battle is wearing down
Weapons lay to rest on the charred war torn fields of grey

The smell of disappointment is manifested from a cologne of disappointment, loneliness and fatigue

“Have you won?” I ask in my soft voice
No answer, just the energy of two playing tug of war
I’m being pulled in
Further to the other side
Further away from my rented time

I do nothing more than grin and wait

It’s Gonna Take Time – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I know it’s gonna take us some time to get over the pain
It’s gonna take time to realize we just aren’t the same

In a world where yesterday mattered so much, we are stuck in the reality of tomorrow
With the change of seasons, the winter is a little colder without the warmth of your body laying by my side

I never asked you to hold back your love
I just feared it was not enough this time

I met you halfway, but the wind blew us apart
Further and further away until the passing sun darkened my vision and you were no longer year
Only an ocean away, but worlds between

I look back fondly on that first enchanted moment our eyes locked
We met on nature’s field and danced to the sound of the birds
Two spirits alive with the tingle of love
Bitten by the bug

I kinda liked you, you kinda liked me too
It was mysterious and awkward
Strange and exciting

A silly little crush
A deeper lifetime feeling

Still together in this dream I keep living every night
It pulls us to a place meant for you and I
Always safe

Our own private paradise keeping us together forever
So close
So close, but maybe a little too far away

I just want to be home with you
To stare away life with just the magic in your eyes

Madness – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Sing me to sleep
Sent me to sleep
Close my eyes and the darkness guides my dreamlike journey

Hold me tonight
Turn down the light
I won’t be alone with you in my sight

This silence is so soothing; so familiar
I feel your heart next to mine
Like stones falling from the mountain
A free fall of structured beats

A murmur

Slow the mechanism
Breathe in the missing air suffocating from the inside out

This tightrope is thin, so high above the Earth
The clouds will protect me from gravity
Don’t look down
Fight off the future
It is a silly promise told through the eyes of a wrinkled golden calf
This circus act seems so meaningless now
Looking at all those empty seats, I see I am playing the violin with no strings

Silly puppet I am
Strings dangling off my shoulders
My master, nowhere to be seen, yet controlling my every move
Free will laughs uncontrollably
Fate is a puppet master with no plan
A game where we all face the same end
Do not pass go, not just yet.
Hold off a little longer
There is plenty of time once you make that final roll of the dice

Plenty of time
Nothing but time
Time is all existence of non-existence
Who am I to judge
The blameless are the guilty
Join me in this white box

Balance the insanity
Mute the profanity

Sing me to sleep
The voices are too loud now

Red – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Red as the rising sun
Red as the setting sky over a bed of ocean waves

With purpose, you propel through the sky in search of a deeper meaning hidden deep in the flower bed of sunflowers along the prairie of time

Hair a golden shade of red

Like love, the color bleeds with passion
Heart racing for the finish line
An endless circle heckled with speed bumps

A freckle you
A freckle for me
A warm summer breeze to cool this exhausting heat

Tortured by perfection
A disease that shows no symptoms

Tormented by the past
One more dance
One more word
One more hug
One more chance

A tragic comedy scripted for you
Cue the audience

Red as the deep rich paints of a thick artist canvas
Red smiling lips of a princess
Red like the laughter of a clown

Color blind, a wish for some
Vivid rainbow as only you can see

On a bed of roses, you lay
Red, but of course
A dream for the romantic inside
Showered in wine and chocolate

Waiting for no one
Empowered by your strength
A woman of wonder

A humble calling
A blessed life

Red rain falling now
Refreshing and safe
A sign?
A new beginning?
A shower of hope?

A cool reminder of a woman known to many as a force of healing
But one we call red