Red – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Red as the rising sun
Red as the setting sky over a bed of ocean waves

With purpose, you propel through the sky in search of a deeper meaning hidden deep in the flower bed of sunflowers along the prairie of time

Hair a golden shade of red

Like love, the color bleeds with passion
Heart racing for the finish line
An endless circle heckled with speed bumps

A freckle you
A freckle for me
A warm summer breeze to cool this exhausting heat

Tortured by perfection
A disease that shows no symptoms

Tormented by the past
One more dance
One more word
One more hug
One more chance

A tragic comedy scripted for you
Cue the audience

Red as the deep rich paints of a thick artist canvas
Red smiling lips of a princess
Red like the laughter of a clown

Color blind, a wish for some
Vivid rainbow as only you can see

On a bed of roses, you lay
Red, but of course
A dream for the romantic inside
Showered in wine and chocolate

Waiting for no one
Empowered by your strength
A woman of wonder

A humble calling
A blessed life

Red rain falling now
Refreshing and safe
A sign?
A new beginning?
A shower of hope?

A cool reminder of a woman known to many as a force of healing
But one we call red

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