Madness – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Sing me to sleep
Sent me to sleep
Close my eyes and the darkness guides my dreamlike journey

Hold me tonight
Turn down the light
I won’t be alone with you in my sight

This silence is so soothing; so familiar
I feel your heart next to mine
Like stones falling from the mountain
A free fall of structured beats

A murmur

Slow the mechanism
Breathe in the missing air suffocating from the inside out

This tightrope is thin, so high above the Earth
The clouds will protect me from gravity
Don’t look down
Fight off the future
It is a silly promise told through the eyes of a wrinkled golden calf
This circus act seems so meaningless now
Looking at all those empty seats, I see I am playing the violin with no strings

Silly puppet I am
Strings dangling off my shoulders
My master, nowhere to be seen, yet controlling my every move
Free will laughs uncontrollably
Fate is a puppet master with no plan
A game where we all face the same end
Do not pass go, not just yet.
Hold off a little longer
There is plenty of time once you make that final roll of the dice

Plenty of time
Nothing but time
Time is all existence of non-existence
Who am I to judge
The blameless are the guilty
Join me in this white box

Balance the insanity
Mute the profanity

Sing me to sleep
The voices are too loud now

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