It’s Gonna Take Time – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I know it’s gonna take us some time to get over the pain
It’s gonna take time to realize we just aren’t the same

In a world where yesterday mattered so much, we are stuck in the reality of tomorrow
With the change of seasons, the winter is a little colder without the warmth of your body laying by my side

I never asked you to hold back your love
I just feared it was not enough this time

I met you halfway, but the wind blew us apart
Further and further away until the passing sun darkened my vision and you were no longer year
Only an ocean away, but worlds between

I look back fondly on that first enchanted moment our eyes locked
We met on nature’s field and danced to the sound of the birds
Two spirits alive with the tingle of love
Bitten by the bug

I kinda liked you, you kinda liked me too
It was mysterious and awkward
Strange and exciting

A silly little crush
A deeper lifetime feeling

Still together in this dream I keep living every night
It pulls us to a place meant for you and I
Always safe

Our own private paradise keeping us together forever
So close
So close, but maybe a little too far away

I just want to be home with you
To stare away life with just the magic in your eyes

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