Nemesis Staring in the Mirror – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I look in the mirror and see my nemesis
An enemy sleeping in my own bed
Mad Hatter laughing in the distance as he hops away to another game of chance

This body is aching in corruption
Nerve pain tingling throughout
Anguish stirring the next cocktail

You played the game a little too long
Stayed on the field when the rains set in
Dampened by a feeling of invincibility
Alone in the darkness
Teased by the momentary illumination of lightning

A natural in his day
Glowing radiance
Confident as the Man of Steel
With a smile, they fawned
A playful laugh, a gentle whisper is all it took

The slugger was up to the plate
The look, the wind up, the pitch
Home run
Just another home run
That is all it took
With a long thick stick aimed for the heavens, the King reigned on

Now the nemesis just looks at me
No emotion, but a stare of deep satisfaction
The battle is wearing down
Weapons lay to rest on the charred war torn fields of grey

The smell of disappointment is manifested from a cologne of disappointment, loneliness and fatigue

“Have you won?” I ask in my soft voice
No answer, just the energy of two playing tug of war
I’m being pulled in
Further to the other side
Further away from my rented time

I do nothing more than grin and wait

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