In a Daydream – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

How do I turn these emotions into a melody that sings from the heart?
The memories take me back when Dolly and Kenny played on the radio
Islands in the stream, that is what we were

You, my Jersey girl living in my Jersey world down by the shore we lay

Another sunrise, another lazy day
Another shot of whiskey and a promise to never let go of today

Like the fireworks over the harbor, a Labor Day to pass
One last look back, we knew the day had to pass

In a daydream, we lie beneath the starry sky
Sand crystal hugging those thighs
I could not have been a more lucky guy
With you in my arms, the darkness found its light
Another night down by the shore and we knew it would be alright

Springsteen in the distance, James Taylor under the moonlight
Two silly college kids with no direction in life

It was then we knew, we found perfection
Two strangers running away to the promise of a better life
My Uptown Girl waiting on her knight on a chrome horse
Let’s ride off with the sunrise and drift back into the night
Never say goodbye
Never say goodbye
An anthem that would haunt us through and through

In a day dream, we were so safe
Lives put on hold around us, so we could plan our escape
A cabin by the sea; a boat out to bay; a glass of wine for you; a simple kiss for me

With your olive tone skin, blessed by the gift of the sun and soft silky curves leading the pirate to his treasure, I prayed Monday would never come

Now the winter chill washes the sand from this beach
The boardwalk lies empty with nothing more than shattered dreams
In the distance, I feel like the wind is calling your name

But for a moment, in this daydream, we thought it would never end.

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