It’ s Just One of Those Nights – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

You’re the reason my life has gone awry
All those nights at 3 AM with only a bottle to keep my dry
Speed dial in hand, another life I can’t stand
Putting it down, senses in hand.

It’s just one of those nights

The sun in my sky, the center of my dreams at night
Like a country song on under the city lights of New York
A bit of poetic tragedy wrapped in a lifetime of irony

It’s just one of those nights

One of the reminders of a life that slipped me by
A painful peace I am feeling inside
Faint music in the distance
The moon reflecting off this sullen face

The sound of cars to compliment the buzz
Running children lost without cause
A dog barking for love
A musician strumming the guitar
I might get by and I’m sure gonna give it a try

It’s just one of those nights

Thinking of the sand tickling my toes
One more dance just to be so close
A silly story over a cup of Joe
The smell of morning caffeine to sex up the day
Too many things to confuse this meditative state

It’s just one of those nights

Beneath the bed, a card with the words of a young girl making promises that both of us knew would never come true
The soft “T’s” and little hearts
What a feeling to be guided by the heart
I read it nightly, remember it fondly

It’s just one of those nights

Cheers to you and me
And the wonderful things we will be
To the strangers and the lovers and the endless sea
Let tonight be a blessing and a remedy

I raise my glass and just be free because it’s just one of those nights

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