Runway Princess – Original Poem

IMG_4229By Mark A. Leon

On the runway of hidden dreams, she shines
A bright star on a dimly lit night
Shining through the infinite abyss in search of the great unknown
With only the passion of the soul to guide her way

An extension of nature, a blossoming rose
A cool breeze; a blanket to warm the gentle freeze
Lips, touched by the nectar of the sweet fruits of the angels

The stage is hers; spotlight so clear
Strike a pose
The secret smile
Unspoken embrace
Make love to the camera; hold back, remain in the control
In her eyes, the words spoken so clear
Deep, penetrating, hypnotized

A spellbinding beauty casting the audience with a potion
A dash of this, a sprinkle of that
Rendered powerless

FullSizeRenderYour presence wrapped in an aura of wonder

Surrender, we must
Cast the white flag and render defeat

Gravitating to this runway princess
The pull so strong
Innocence. subtle and blissful she remains

Forever changed, a radiating force has come upon this stage
Dress flowing with every step
Curves sculpted by the gods
Flowing hair, soft porcelain skin, legs slip into an uncontrollable gravitational pull

Oh, runway princess
With a blink, you are gone, but a vision tattooed forever until next we meet
You, but a dream or a reality

A force of nature in white silk, forever our runway princess

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