Our Last Summer – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 5.59.34 PMBy Mark A. Leon

In the summertime
The sweet, sweet summertime
We had nothing, but represented everything

Sweet kisses in the night at the lake cooled our heat
Your lips, the charge of lightning in the air
Your tongue cooling off my adolescent urges
Fighting hard the plight of a teenage dream

Under the stars, naked in the pond, clothes on the rocks, a 40 to give us strength
It was midnight under that moonlight
Courage at a high

No future, no past, no consequences, but the ache of my longing to feel you by my side

Forever was the promise we made
Forever until that first autumn leave

A car ride away seemed like forever
More like a planet, a galaxy, a universe

It was meant to be for these two passing stars
My prom queen
My youth
All my greatest memories
“They couldn’t end”, we said
Just the words of innocent hearts

But, we have tonight
We have this hometown finale
Cue the theme song

Tonight, we dance, tonight we swim, tonight we kiss
In one intimate moment, felt only by the young, we make love

No fanfare, no photo journal, no yearbook
No story for the reunion
No, just that secret smile
When I see you with your husband and two kids and for a moment, a blink in time, picture myself next to you, I will remember every second of this night

This special night when we lost the last thing we could
That was our promise, in the summertime
The sweet, sweet summertime

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