You Left the Light On For Me – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 8.10.57 AM

By Mark A. Leon

I lost my way home
You left the light on for me

A flicker to remind me of the heartbeat I seek
You left the light on for me when the darkness poisoned the soul
Left me cold and alone
Beat me down on these lonely streets

With hope disappearing in the distant sunset
You left the light on

A simple light filled with warmth and love
At the edge of the window sill I looked through so many times before
Inviting and playful as it tickles the air
Powerful and nurturing

Once we kissed in the shadow of that light
Danced to the harmony of our heartbeats

The mistakes I made, never a fault in your eyes
You let me breathe and experience the journey on my terms
You held me close while letting go
Always by my side
Love letters read in my mind in those darkened hotel rooms

It was you
Encouraged by ambition, you cheered the risk
Praying for safe passage
Hoping for this soldier to return home

Now, I see
The light gleaming in the distance with each step closer
You left the light on just as I remember
Bright as the North Star
Clear and pure

I want to rest on your bosom
In your soft arms, I will lay
For just a few hours
For the night
Perhaps for the rest of our lives
Always safe
Protected by your love
Warmed by the light you left on for me

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