At Seventeen – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Just to the side of the bleachers leaned up against the cold metal frame, I looked to the distance, but she didn’t even know my name
Porcelain skin, perfectly shaped cheer outfit and that smile
I was a small-town boy, just wondering why

At seventeen, it was all so clear
Nothing meant everything
Power was all in the stare

Alone on the eve of prom, singing “Never Say Goodbye” with only a lava lamp to light up the night
Limos passing below
Shouts of a memorable night soon to be had

Reflecting now on the adolescent dreams
It was all so simple
A bottle of Boone’s Farm, a 40 and Bartles & James
Under the stars, in the woods, out of sight
No cops could bust us as we owned the night

At seventeen, it was all so clear
The world was safe
We had no fear
Being with friends was all we had until the day it turned sad

On graduation, we tore up the streets
Wild rebels and sexy beasts
A toast to you, a toast to me
This is the best it will ever be

This is the time to remember, Billy once said
We ate that up, forgetting what was ahead

One last night, before school ends, army calls or the first child bore, to celebrate the times we shared
The trophies, medals, honors and feats
To the intimate nights by the lake filled with false promises of eternity

We found love in the lyrics of songs forever etched in our hearts
We regret the times we should have embraced before they fell apart

One last chance
One last dance to tell her this

I loved you from the first day of school and dreamed of our first kiss
For now, I say goodbye, but always know, you will always be my inspiration why

At seventeen, it is all so clear

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