Break It To Me Gently – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 8.49.17 AM

By Mark A. Leon

Break it to me gently
Just don’t break me too hard
Be gentle and candy coat it with your soft voice

Right now, you are breaking me to pieces
Let me love you for just one more moment
Hold you one last time
In your arms, I want to feel your heart beat with mine

Break it to me gently
Find the words to make it all right
To ease the heartbreak
Time is all I need to heal the wounds hidden under this skin

I know there is no easy way
We tried so hard to make it right
To make it work
To force the love
The heart knows not how to lie
The lies rested in the belly of our wasted hopes

Prayed to the stars to find the magic dust to sprinkle back on this fairy tale
Now we have come to the final page
No happy ending
No romantic sunset
No tomorrow

Break it to me gently
I haven’t accepted the reality of this dream
Not yet
I will, someday, somehow, somewhere

One day I will wake to a new day
A sunny day and smile
In the eye of the blue sky I will see you grinning in the clouds
Fondly I will remember

For now
For this final encore
Oh, please
Break it to me gently

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