Surrender to Your Senses – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 7.31.59 AM

By Mark A. Leon

It’s time to close your eyes and awaken
Surrender to your senses
A phoenix has risen from the shadows
Doubt, despair erased
A sunrise beckons from the sky
A hymn whistles in the distance

Release yourself from the edge and fall into the arms of the one you love
A gravitational pull
Falling, falling to a cloud of light

Let fear subside from the hands of a magician performing his greatest trick

It is time
Close those eyes
Clear the mechanism
Mind, body and soul in rest

Can you see the future wrapped in the smile of admiration?
Like a fortune teller with a crystal ball, your life is so clear

In the arms of an angel you will fly
One of god’s creatures of light
A messenger with a message of peace

Serenity in motion
A liberating force guides those traveled legs
Paved with good intention
Sprinkled with springtime lust

Fulfilled prophecy, one so long darkened in doubt
A page, a chapter, a word so secure

A mother’s love, a child’s hope, a destiny yearning
A memory unlocked

Are you ready?
Ready to awaken

It is such a sweet surrender to find your place and let go

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