Deep – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

Deep inside you is all I want to feel
One night exposed to the warmth of your touch
Vulnerable in this betrayal of innocence
Crippled by this lust
Motionless to your touch
Tortured by adolescent dreams; not reality
Subtle, soft and empowering

A night of passion tattooed with drops of sweat glistening off your skin
Darkness ensures with the last dim reflection of moonlight
Staring at the ceiling rested between your breasts
The world safe and at rest
A fantasy between the sheets now laid to rest welcoming a new dream
My reflection so clear
See inside you, shedding a tear

Only when I let you go does the flame burn out
This fire still ignites by the dawning of a new light
Eyes grow heavy; subconscious begins to awaken

Warmth between your legs shivers my inner thigh
Friction magnetizes our senses in this erotic fantasy
As strong as the eagle soars in the sky

Inside that warm safe place, I will hibernate
A gift of perfection beside me
So peaceful; so tempting
A morsel of skin
A scorching tingle of hot wax

Love me to tears
Love me til I fall
Love me til the end of time
I can’t explain
I don’t want to know why
I just want you

I’m going to dance with you in your dreams
High in the clouds of our love
Until I awake and see that pretty smile, those soft eyes I’ll be deep inside you

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