How Long – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

How long will it take before I can be with you?
Before I wash away these blues
Before you resuscitate this lifeless body

How long will I bear another cold winter?
Lonely nights
Racing heart beat
Diming fire

It is a tale full of fury
Lingering in quiet despair

Through the clouds you go
The scent of another man every night
A line by your side
A glass every night

A star to all that bow to your calling
The voice of an angel
A heart cold and shunned
Famed to billboards and streamed for the world

How long will I see this empty bed?
Clothes lined in perfect color
Jewelry dangling off the counter
Your perfume permanently embedded into the nature scent of the air

Why does this weakened soul wait?
The road calls
I hang up
The road leaves messages
Mailbox full

All the color has faded to black
A dark world even numb to the force of sunlight

It’s safe though
Comfortably defeated
Swimming in circles only to return to where we used to be

How long will I hold onto a youth that is long gone?
Gone to everyone around me
Gone to my reality
Still alive in my dreams
How long can we stay together in this silly fantasy I have scripted?

You are the star in my blackened sky
Following the light, leaving the darkness behind

How long
Not long enough


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