Little Gracie – Original Poem

IMG_2115 2

By Mark A. Leon

Little Gracie
The vine of a fine wine
Silly and free
Wild and full of glee

Little Gracie
Sunlight in a sky of grey
Shelter from the rain
You made all the clouds just go away

In a foreign land, a sense of home
A tower of love defying gravity

A toast to you for all you be
A second glass because that is how it has to be

Times were short but full of spirited warmth
Overflowing with possibility of a world meant to be free

Little Gracie
The apple in our eyes
A freshness so alive
A truth no one can deny

It was you that glued the puzzle
You that made it all complete

A room of strangers now complete as one
Worlds apart so far, yet so close
Shared experiences shared
A safe place
You promised us that
Speak in words; resolve in hugs
Walk with passion
Believe in the possibility

It was you all along
Little Gracie
So proud, so strong

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