Choked Up – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 5.14.17 PM
By Mark A. Leon

You said goodbye and walked
I tried to hold back but I stumbled
Tried to hold back the tears and not drown in my own loss
I was held up by your love when life tested our strength
Never saying I loved you enough, but you knew
Saw it in the gestures from the heart
The quiet nights by the fire
The tears of happiness an joy
Those were the best of times, the truest of times

Like the time I walked away from my family and home
Took comfort in strangers until I found a place to call my own
Strange people, strange faces
I could not understand
But I knew I had to face this world alone, if not for me for the one I would soon become

It was a trial, a journey, a sentence without imprisonment

A settle time garnished with chaos

Then I found you
A calm in a wave of fury
An uncontrolled passion free on the dance floor
Free in this life of broken chains; broken dreams; broken innocence

A spirit like no other
Something I wanted
Something even more I wanted to be

How to touch this goddess living without abandon
I am but a poor boy, whose story has never been told, never heard, never spoken
How would she take me into her world?

Spinning around the floor
Partner to partner
Laughter of confidence
Legs lethal and sharp

With the confidence of vodka and the will of the weak, I found my way to your heart through the path of two strangers lips

Desire proved its prowess as our bodies found warmth in each other’s heat

As the moon bowed to the sun, our reality welcomed the light
Is this the beginning of a lifetime, a single moment of bliss of a short fleeting reminder of the passion we all dream of.

Now I’m choked up in that memory
Settling on the reality you are gone

I’ll try not to cry for now
Soon, under the dim light of a candle, I’ll remember
I’ll rejoice
I’ll let my memories lull this weakened soul to sleep

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