The Vow – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

I love that life led me to you
A journey filled with promise and hope
With every sunrise, a promise of meaning

I’ve always held true that the guiding principle of life is love
It is all that matters; all there is

Love brings purpose, happiness, fulfillment,
It completes dreams and brings wonder to the world

It is the one thing that truly is the soul and essence of all existence
It breathes
It beats
It is all we have

To find that love
To find that person that brings completeness has always been my dream
In my journey, my words I’ve longed

On this day, bearing witness from the angels above, I make this unconditional promise to you
Forever more, I will protect you
Hold you
Kiss your tears away
Be by your side
Through the storms and the rainbows
Through the rain and dessert sun

I’ll never stop loving you
I’m forever yours
That is the one thing I am sure of

Every day, your smile will be my sunshine
Every night, your lips will say goodnight
In between, I want to dance to the music in our hearts

As I look into your eyes, as you fight back the tears, I know you share the same feeling
Since the day I saw you I knew, my life was meant to be shared with you.

I love you

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