We Shall Be Remembered – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.24.23 PM

By Mark A. Leon

We few shall be remembered
A band of brothers
A bond of sisterhood
Defined by love
Protected by honor
Cherished by the code
A moral foundation built to the heavens, high above the clouds
These are the law that abide our existence
The laws given at birth, rested in death

Remembered not for the statues; the plaques; the metal plate bearing our names
But for the sacrifices made for the many
For the greater good
Remember me for this

This is an opus
A promise of better tomorrow
A fight long from over

The fight is within all of us
The struggle between good and bad; evil and righteous

An air of irony blowing in the wind
For peace comes from death
From the brothers and sisters buried in the hills and valleys so far from home to the poet harmonizing the journey

We are one in unity
Unified by the depths of the soul

The struggle is real
Whether bore by origin sin or founded by the evil spirits lurking within all of us.

It is not I, nor you who judge
We are but a series of rotating jurors abiding the greater good carved in the walls of caves inhabited by an our ancestors

We must bear witness and feel once again

With a kiss, I pass onto you a promise of remembrance, the courage to fight on, the strength to fortify a promise to remember

In verse, we will continue to document this journey of hope and know, the sun once again shall rise with power, prominence and restored faith

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