No Regrets – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

I’ve made mistakes
Hurt a few
Caused scars forever serving as reminders

We are born to fall
From birth to death, we are faced with insurmountable odds
Asked to face decisions with no right or wrong
Compromising at times
Life altering alas

In my time, I helped
Maybe not in the traditional sense defined by the words of the scholars
Maybe not even recognizable at the time

I meant well
I truly did
My heart was always in the right place, though actions often spoke louder

I loved
A few
A few truly dear to my heart
I think they knew; I think they shared; I think they remain

That is the legacy I leave behind
Shelter in times of troubles
Faith in times of doubt
Rest when weary

That is the legacy I leave behind
I never stopped trying
In times of failure, I ensued
When I faltered, I got up and dusted myself off
The race was never over
I didn’t win; I didn’t lose
I looked to the fans that felt my rapidly beating heart
My father; mother; lover and friend
I saw you all there in the distance
I always knew there was meaning, whether I held the trophy at the end or not

I have no regrets
I miss her though
I miss her dearly
She challenged me
Held my strength in the palm of her hand

I think the greatest thing you can give to this world is to impact a life
A single soul; a being

She was the heart of all my successes
The flame in my darkness
A cherished soul

I’ve often looked behind and asked myself, “did you chose the right path”
“If she was behind you, would you go back now?”
I don’t know
She wasn’t physically there, but has remained with me every step of the way

This my legacy, I declare as I sit in quiet solitude
Darkness is bestowed upon me as a welcome friend

I have learned and shared, loved and cared
Inspired a few and sacrificed

No regrets

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