Shattered – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 12.10.54 PM

By Mark A. Leon

Sexy, naked, hot and steamy

Feel your body pressed to mine
Inside warm and fine

Scratch me
Cut me
Bleed me

It’s your love
The emotional scars tattooed under the sheets
All I am now, is all I can be
But not all I’ll ever be

Burning candles
Hot wax
Dripping, dripping, dripping down the swell of my chest

A burning heat rests inside of me
I want you close, closer; feel you deep inside of me
Beneath you, to the side, bodies clash and pound

This empty game we play
Filled with love in such a peculiar way
My heart races for an emotional tie
Somehow knows it was you all the time
A gentle hint, a brush aside, a wet lip along the side
Then a slap, back to Earth
My mistress of the night, raw and coarse
Beat me down with words of lust
Sense my weakness with every thrust

When the sun hides its head, your game begins
With the role of the dice, my life is in jeopardy
Never safer had I felt

Invite me in with the purr of lace and strap me down with the rough force of leather
A beast disguised as a kitten
Soft and welcoming; dark and fierce

I miss the warm embrace of your fire
The light has dimmed; heat gone
A cold night ensues

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