Beneath the Willow Tree – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Lay beside you beneath the willow is where I’ll be

No weeping, no sorrow; a happy place you will be
Forever by your side
A promise from one heart to another
From childhood to all infinity

Forever, here we will be
So warm and safe resting under this grassy bed
A love so true
A fairy tale painted red as can be

Two souls mislead by the promise of time
We had our eternity
For a short time, we made our version of forever
Time stopped
Perhaps that was just a wish we made

I love you so much that to be under this flowery grave with you is all I ever wanted.

Every second with you, better than the last
Every word, an inspirational force
Every moment away, was being suffocated by my own breath

That is the legacy we leave behind
Generations to come will look upon this place with serenity
A place of hope; a place of peace; a place where two souls came to meet

In these final words our love rings true
From far off mountains, valleys and high off church bells too

I leave with this world this final wish
A wish so pure dripping in hope and honesty
That others can see the world as you saw me
This love for all eternity

For now I lay until the time is right for a kiss from you to awaken this unknown plight
Fear is gone
This I know
With you by my side, I will never face it alone

Goodnight sweetheart
Goodnight sweet love
Let the cool breeze of the willow tree refresh these resting hearts

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