The Seductress – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Falling slowly through your arms
I feel the power of my defenseless body fading into this gravitational black hole
Soul blackened to the core of this vulnerable heart twisted by this wicked seamstress
Dress woven of past loves
Stockings dark as the night
A mask
A mask with lips as red as the apple that tempted me
A mask with eyes so inviting as the warmth of the sun
A mask hiding the woman I do not know
A seductress

In the shadows, I saw the curve of your back lean into my life
Resistance not an option
Not with the power you have over me; over others
So many others

You entered in my dreams through the door I left unlocked in the vortex of the subconscious
With an innocent smile, you entered my room
Sliding with ease between the sheets
Touching my chin; melting me with that secret smile
The glimmer of moonlight reflecting off your wet lips

Knees shaken to the core
The games you play
A pawn on the board of love
Perhaps lust
Frozen in the confusion you have bestowed
I seek mercy, but prayers go unanswered

Is this a reality in the pits of an erotic dream?
Dreams moving at the speed of light
Spinning, spinning
So fast
Will I awake in your arms or dream away the silly games of the seductress?

Wake me when I fall
Eyes open
Now she is gone, but forever tattooed

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