Imagine a World – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 6.10.48 PM
By Mark A. Leon

Imagine a world
Free of cancer, where our bodies are our own
A place where prayers are answered and rainbows lead to a bed of fragrant roses
Temple are pure and persecution no more

Imagine a world where dreams never fade
The laughter of children is the cure for all disease

In a single gesture of love, the eradication of hate is a reality
A kiss from a stranger; a friend for life

We are judged by goodness
Every step a journey of discovery
A sentimental journey of sight and sound
One filled with wonder; destination unknown

Imagine a world where dreams and reality become one
When the fantasy of the mind awakens to the warmth of the sunlight

We are all healers
Free from blood shed
Free from bondage
Broken chains of love

Imagine a world
Music is the soundtrack of goodness
Every step a note of joy
Each leap a high note
Each kiss a chorus of nature celebrating

This is the world I imagine
This is a place born of pride; existing of purpose; a legacy decency
Apples are ripe and flowers elude a smell of passion

Tomorrow, let us not look back on the mistakes, but rejoice in celebration on a path of purity

Imagine a world

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