Last Ride – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 3.39.39 PM

By Mark A. Leon

Are you gonna be with me for the last ride?
Brothers in arms
Friends til the end
One minute at a time
One step, never left behind
In this day, this moment, this lifetime, always by my side.

Now it’s time for one last ride
Into the sunset, together til the end of time

The warmth of the sun must fade to the cool breeze of the night air

All the memories flooded in these tears

A life of happiness; a life I never feared

With you, all was safe; all was right
A brother in arms
A worthy fight
You never asked why
Never questioned the plight
Just smiled; arm in arm over the cliff we dived

Now we have hit the fork
Right or left, but not before one last ride

A new life awaits
It was written in the stars
A fate we couldn’t avoid
In the end, you will remain with me, long after our last ride
No matter where you go; no matter where you’ll be
I’ll be there.
I’ll be there right by your side

When you look back, you will see me tailing right behind on our last ride.

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