Suddenly…There was you – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 5.46.38 PM

By Mark A. Leon

Change the world with one breath
With the touch of your lips, peace it discovered
Porcelain skin; sight of the angels; a vision of perfection

One love; a savior for all
Your body curves to the sound of our souls dancing in the moonlight
A celestial force so bright

I hear your laughter in my dreams
A sound so pure; like the warmth of a fireside embrace
The heat of our bodies melting the winter away

This is our heaven; our place; our home
A place to say it all
To love without fear
To scream the dreams of the unknown

This is truly our purpose
All the paths, the thorns, the cuts, the bruises, the mistakes
All meant for you; for us
I bleed for you forevermore

With every sunrise, sunset, rainfall and rainbow, I’ll spend this life discovering you

In my loneliness, I found the voice to guide me to you
I had doubts, but faith carried me above the clouds
Gave me wings
Let me fly
Free like a bird
Free to find my way and now to land in your nest
Nurturing off each other’s nectar

Look at me; forward
Never to look back
Let me blanket your

The best is yet to come
My life no longer guided by doubt; purpose ignites our love
Now I say to you
I love you
My soul complete in your arms

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