Rethink Reality – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

My dreamland is without boundary
Without bias or limitation.
It brings the afterlife and real life together in a symmetry of subconscious bliss

What do I want to do?
What purpose have I here on this circular rock spinning out of control?

Change a life?
Change a lightbulb?
Correct a wrong?
Wrong a right?

Make love
Make love with every breath out of this beating heart

There is a solution to an undefined problem
There is an answer some of us can agree upon

Maybe not
We always find a counter punch
Or a counter culture

One way or another, we lost
Lost the will to fight
How ironic
We must fight for peace
We must hate to uncover love

Silly life this is
Played out like a tragedy, when all we want is the love story
A Shakespearean Muppet Tale

A million and one years ago, we were born into the original sin
With all the science, you’d think we would find a cure
I don’t understand

Artificial intelligence cannot correct human ignorance

Give me another apple
I’m ready to try again

Let us begin by defining the problem
I hate my neighbor
I have coveted his wife
I lie, cheat and steal for pleasure
I am my own being

Did I break the moral code or define the new humanity?

Once again, confusion sets in before we can see the light

Take heed
We are, but the pawns in this silly game of life

It is time to rethink reality….


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