A Perfect Soul – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 8.05.58 PM

By Mark A. Leon

Run from this body destroying the core of this beating heart
Cancer mutating the sullen spirit
Cannot disguise the sins any longer
With the charm of the bleeding heart, I vowed the promise of empty dreams
Blue eyes, brown, grey and green
Blonde and red; every fantasy it seems

I turned your lost path into a journey of purpose
I glued your broken heart
Promised a world of rainbows and unicorns riding into a golden sunset

All the promises
Crashed in a ball of flames
Lost in translation
The language of love is a ploy
A lie of soul
Advantage, game, set, match

Denying the reality of ominous loneliness
We are all lonely
Born alone; die alone; finding a way to survive in between

It’s a silly story with jesters, kings and queens and of course the devil inside

But in the end, when regret and sin are judged, we will laugh
That sinister laugh, because we were empowered by the perfect soul

That unbreakable energy that binds fantasy, reality, belief and denial

It truly is the mighty force
The earthquake that brings peace
The eternity that brings finite end

A wicked calmness now rests
This perfect soul lays to rest
Intentions so rare
Misguided faith so real

I look back on the pictures of those I scorned; those that cut my vulnerable heart
It truly was an unbreakable web of deceit with no losers, no winners and one finish line

I lay alone now with this perfect soul

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