Release Me Into Your Arms – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 4.37.51 PM

By Mark A. Leon

Release me into your arms

I’m obsessed with your body
Sweet as candy

Fingers through your hair
Body touching mine with the soft curves of a porcelain angel
The burn of the lace masquerading your long sensual legs
In your eyes, a sea of possibility
Perfect smile
Luscious lips
Wet, deep, sensual kiss

Pull me under the sheets
Share your secrets in the dark
I will keep on loving you
Long after the scent has passed

The music of your whisper, the harmony of my beating heart
Sleeping silently under the protective reflection of the moonlight
The slip of my lips on the back of your neck like two ships passing in the night

You are the daydream that makes me ache when distance slips between us
The drug that frees my soul from these chains

I want you
All the time
I want you
Penetrating deeper inside my truth

Release me into your arms…

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