It was always you; my child, my new hope – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

Let your heart be your guide
Its an unspoken truth led by the power of the soul
It is a journey unexpected; undiscovered
Often unfulfilled

I know you
I always have
A shining light; an evening star

Born to shine
That is what we saw looking into your eyes
A glimmer of wonder
A prayer for the future

You carry us with you in that pouch of rainbows and smiles

As you look behind, I see independence more powerful than the wind
A child no more
The force of a hurricane
The gentleness of a flower showered by a morning mist
As beautiful as a bed of roses in an open field
You are but a natural wonder created from the heavens

We can teach no more; nor have we taught at all
We learned from each other
In sickness and health; tears and laughter; triumph and defeat

We saw a world together from coast to coast, cheek to cheek

I can’t imagine my journey without you
You bore my second chance
Gave me hope when I lost my way

Somehow you knew
Without the ability to walk or talk, you knew

It was always you
Every day; in every way
It was always you

You will always be the rainbow penetrating grey skies
A warm ray energy intensifying this beating heart

Go on now
Go on and don’t look back
Be infinite leaving footprints in the sand

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