Whispers to the Soul – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 9.39.17 PM

By Mark A. Leon

We can whisper things from our hidden cave beyond our dreams
Find a way to make this moment last
A brush with immortalized perfection

That is you
That is what you do to me

Decoding the magic hovering in the depths of your soul

I felt your touch as you gazed from across the room
Beyond the words you shared something so intimate; so personal
A bleeding heart of honesty wrought with truth

Beyond the rock, a touch of lace
Vulnerable and sweet
A tear from the heart
A sense of newly blessed pride

An architectural masterpiece vulnerable to the wind
Wavering in its fragile core; yet strong by the grace of God’s hand

That is you
A child of the sun
Warm with each embrace
The heat of a thousand lights exploding as one
One burst of energy glowing with hope; burning with glee
To the stars and the heavens you watch over me

That is what you do to me

A prayer that needs no words
An action beyond fanfare
A simple gesture of being near

Come closer
Listen as I whisper you to sleep in my arms
Listen to the softness in the voice of a man on a journey to your heart
No longer lost
Gazing into your sleepy eyes
Entering your dreams
Frozen; this moment

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