A Christmas Miracle – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

The first Noel, longing for hope
The last warm flow of cocoa sweetening the heart

Fires warm the soul as the flame burns bright
Memories of mistletoe reflect throughout the night

It was your love that was wrapped inside that gift box
It does something to me this time of year
Bringing warmth on these cold wintry nights

This love blankets my body with an impenetrable fortress of shelter
I know I don’t deserve this sensitive gift wrapped up in my arms
But unwrapping the layers has been a blessing from the start

From snow angels to the wet dark kisses
The lights of our tree flickering in the distance
The smell of fragrant leaves teasing the air
The sound of your voice blowing nothings inside my ear

There is a Christmas miracle locked up for just this time of year

Like a magician, it captivates
A piece of art, priceless and pure
An original straight to the core

Carols in the distance closer they seem
Songs so true reflecting on another wonderful dream

Once again I look into those eyes
Our childhood; our doubts; our dreams; our tears
All in route
A journey side by side filled with candy canes and often all cried out

Still by your side, hand in hand I stand here looking at this gift, this Christmas miracle knowing I’m the luckiest man

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