Touch – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

Borrowed air
Borrowed time

A terminal birth followed by a lifetime of wonder
A million momentary explosions of euphoria spreading like a disease infecting the soul
A universal spirit
Infinite, yet so close

Just breathe
Taste the air
The nectar of existence
Feel it coat the tunnel of your throat


Listen to that child’s song
Here the powerful lyrics of hope
It penetrates the spirit with the essence of faith and dreams
It reminds the sleeping heart to waken
Let go
Break the padlock
Open the door of desire
A promise of failure
A restoration of endurance
Begin again

A purr from a cat nudging the ankle
Birds whistle harmonies of love
Tranquil leaves fall from a branch
Rivers stream the purity of waters rush freedom
Nature’s symphony

Filled with tears
Tightening the stomach
Power unexplained
No ancient scrolls have answers
No doctrine

Embrace the sorrow; caress the bliss
The rain will wash it all away

Love is felt with the touch
In the darkness of closed eyes, sense the presence
The approach

Omit color
Black and white
A poetic journey; empty canvas; unknown abyss
These are only the beginnings
A rainbow awaits and all in between in a world of pure imagination
Soon you will see, that is all that matters

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