Eternal Collapse – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 9.16.14 PM

By Mark A. Leon

Collapse into a free fall fighting gravity at a thousand miles an hour
Clouds pierce the skin as each second intensifies the eminent crash

Caresses by the sky touching the heavens to the Earth

Ageless eternity
A restful garden
No apples
No flowers bloom

Once someone
A profile of purpose and pain
A fast track to it all
A race to slow down the end

Day one in a place of no time
No dimension
Void of measurement, color or any of those silly things we once knew

I miss nothing
I am nothing but I still write in the non traditional sense
No audience
No words

The claps, screams, likes and more of those nonsense things.

Ageless eternity
A restful garden
Artificial existence

Ground control, can you hear me now? Ground control, can you bring me home?
These engines won’t ignite
It’s all starting to fade
Whispers in the darkness
Fade to black

Day two much the same
No friends today to fill this void
Deafening black hole
Abyss of a hollow heart that beats no more
Coma with the stimulation of dream

Day three eternity…..

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