The Story Isn’t Over … – Original Poem


Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 6.41.10 AM

By Mark A. Leon

The Story isn’t over yet….

The extraordinary strength of the human spirit is only surpassed by the natural existence of the infinite abyss

The universal playground is but a cosmos of wonder
A betrayal of simplicity
Birth of complexity and curiosity

With the blink of an eye, we matter
Through a tunnel of warmth, we flow into a world of discovery
Each being a new chapter in an everlasting journey of learning

With the first heartbeat the spirit soars; the soul races and the magic; oh, the magic becomes more powerful than any potion created by the angels above

This is a story wrought with the extreme spectrum of understanding
The depths of fear
Drowning in the darkest of the ocean core
Rising toward the light
Rising fast; unconscious to the strength found within
A spiritual lift above the waters to the air; the air that breathes life
Feel that warmth
Feel that incredible heat
It is the energy that inspires

The clouds, so pure and white
The skies painted in a canvas of blue
Birds tickle the air in flight
Flowers provide a bed at night
The sweet embrace of nature’s nourishment coats the inner walls

The story has only begun
It is a tale told by the simple man; the observer who knows no bias; no prejudice; no restraint
The story is written in blood; the core of being
Flesh, bone matter, but the soul, the irreplaceable passion that gives meaning is the nutrition

From the crawl, we learn to walk
From the walk, we find discovery
From discovery, innocence transcends to understanding
In the frail moments of sunset, we begin to fully comprehend all we have sought

The story still goes on
The story is an infinite contribution all possessing a unique contribution

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