Mind Bend – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 6.35.14 AM

By Mark A. Leon

There are billions of living organisms within our skin
Billions of collisions co-existing as one
What if
For a moment
Suspend the rational thought of what we know; what we believe; what science has documented to be true

What if Earth is but one larger living organism and we are but the billions of collisions living in harmony as organized chaos?

The rivers, our bloodstream
The heart but a playground at the center of this superhighway of blood flow
Each song a neurologic symphony
Dreams but a moment of amazement bringing us all together
The brain is the ecosystem of all the chain reactions that continue life

Beyond the limits of time there are more
An explanation of existence
A perspective of insight on a mass tsunami of ignorance

Close your eyes and clear the mechanism for all
Freeze it all for an nanosecond
Begin again

What if
What if we could imagine this all in a momentously different way?

How would we see ourselves?
I ponder as I await my next collision.

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