We Need Each Other – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 1.51.38 AM

Mark A. Leon

Another year has come and gone
Another winter spring and time
It all comes back to you and I

We need these moments, simple pure and true
The sound of your breath as you lay on my lap with a symphony faintly chiming from the turntable in the back
The essence of coffee perfuming this act
I can’t explain just how important this moment is to balance this unstable heart

Another year has passed us by
Another night I wonder why
How these lives become a part of us in a crazy world dark in trust

Void of rest

Damaged by the psyche of the human experience
Afraid to open this heart to one that needs me

But these quiet undocumented life experiences I hold so dear
They calm the nerves and release the fears
They are few, but oh so near to this frail mind now so clear

Another year has passed us by
Your smile still lights up the sky
I’m getting better, this I see
Finally beginning to release the true me

You came in my world and broke down these walls
Let me share a secret internal, guarded held safe in this cloud
It took some time and many tears, but now I can fly with baby steps and you near

Another year has passed us by
I wake to that sleeping face nestled by my side
Sun creeping through the edge of the windowsill warm and bright
A smile
A moment so right

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