Purpose is reason and love concocted by the universal mixologist – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 8.54.55 AM

By Mark A. Leon

The longest mile is paved with uncertainty
Roads, creatures, darkness and fright
An abyss of possibility
A risk of failed dreams

These roads have been putting miles on this beaten heart
Town to town; home to home
The sun has been my only constant friend
Yet the thought of you somewhere under this same radiant sky has been a hurricane force accelerating this impossible path to you

I chose a long time ago to be alone
A choice made in my absence
Without consent
Without counsel
Banished to anonymity

Nondescript faces move passed me at the speed of light
Different cities, the same look
Different countries, the same faces
Different lifestyles, the same emptiness

Thoughts of a reunion of the souls play a harmony
A celebration in this empty theater

Been called a rambler, nomad, gatherer of quiet senses
Been tossed to the side to only find myself stronger
Stronger in will
Fighting a cause not to be realized until long after I have gone

Oh, but purpose
Purpose is another beast
Fierce in its gentle presence

Purpose is reason and love concocted by the universal mixologist

It is a sweet, sweet drink that lingers on the palate for all eternity

Until our song chimes again in the stars, I will journey this long road with the sun by my side and a drink for two waiting for me and you

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