Someday We’ll Know – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

The pillars have fallen
Fallen from the sky
High above the clouds, the stars, the heavenly skies

Someday we’ll know
Someday we’ll know
The answer to the questions
Questions with no answers

I bought a ticket to this life, without a penny to my name
A pauper on a path to a rich man’s game
The ticket says no way back and a long journey forward
Torn and tainted by the dawn’s early light

Someday we’ll know
Why the mountains never smile
Someday we’ll know
Why the moon never touches the sun
Someday we’ll know
Why we repeat the same mistakes over and over spilling the blood of innocence

The philosophers are ignorant scientists watching science keeps failing
The wind laughs at the innovation of a failure of humanity
The flowers have it right
The stillness of beauty tickled by the colors of the rainbow

Someday we’ll know
Why the sweetness of honey stings the heart
Someday we’ll know
What’s on the menu for our dinner reservation with God

John imagined a world the rest of us have left behind
Jim let the fire in his heart burn to the ground
Louis was the true saint seeing the wonder of it all

Someday we’ll know
What is written in the stars
Someday we’ll know
Why it all became so hard
Someday we’ll know
Why the poets continue to dream
Someday we’ll know
The big picture and what it all means

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