Burning Flame – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.46.10 PM

By Mark A. Leon

Watch the past rush before my eyes
Hear the river brush my dreams away
Something’s lost beneath the pain
The rain is gonna wash the tears aside
Why is this love wasted on the young?

I cannot move from this place
I cannot see the lines on this face
There is something crawling close behind
I’m lost, confused, paranoid
I need to leap

If you need me, I’ll be dancing behind the lost stars in the universe
In the darkness I am safe
In space I can hear the heart of the music
Alone, I can discover the reason
Only carrying pictures of you, I remember your face in the dark
In those pictures I see the smile in your heart; the reflection of all that you are

I wish you could be hear dancing in the stars with these angels by my side
Dancing free for all the world to see
Dancing with a song in my heart

With each spin, a star winks and I see the twinkle of your eye
Like a photo exposed; an eternity captured inside
In its warmth I am reborn once again
Oh how this feels; this fire ignites

Listen for me
Listen deep in your dreams
Hear it, the sound of me passing by
Take my hand
Let me guide you away and soon we no longer must hide from this burning flame

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