This is the Time to Remember – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 4.00.28 AM

By Mark A. Leon

Old acquaintances never to be forgotten
Flames burn for now in hopes until the end of time
I remember them well
The times we had; the thoughts we left behind
Reckless abandon
Immortal stones
We raced for our dreams and never resigned

“Thunder Road” on the radio
“Never Say Goodbye” on our mind

It was truly the best of times
Never a tear left behind

We played those silly games down by the shore
A prank or two
The kiss; the joy

Made love without risk because love would never die

It was a time covenanted by the warm embrace of youth
Hidden in the hills free from life
A six pack, our friends and endless time

Those summer nights so pure
The stars so bright
We held on close
Let go of the fright
We screamed out loud and sang with all our might

Now time is but a tease and those old acquaintances have changed
Some now rest for the remainder of time
Some look back looking for a sign
Times have changed; this road remains
A little darker
So filled with shame

The music echoes in silence
The final dance remains
The twilight of our prom is but a streamer resting on that hard court of dreams
Let’s take one final walk together to the 50 yard line
Lay with me, under the stars that swore they’d never cheat us
A shooting star; one last kiss

This is the time to remember cause it will not last forever….
Turn the dial
Drive off into the midst

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